the labauratory!

Karma Lounge

Prophet Visuals and The Gyronauts had their first club gig together with live projections and hoop performance for DJs DKCJ and Jason Torres a couple weeks ago at Karma Lounge! I shot this video of the experience, and Elijah edited it. I really enjoyed filming that night so doing event and performance videography is definitely something that I would like to continue! Contact me you would like projections, DJs, performers, and videography at your next event!



Ohhh, where to start… that is always the hard part, eh?

So I’ll just tell ya some fun stuff. Recently I’ve been experimenting up a storm tehehe. It all kinda started with my dad’s old 35mm slide projector that I’ve been fascinated with since my childhood. The light, the textures, the sound, and even the smell of the old film being blown by the fan yum. I finally got it out of the closet and played with it a couple months ago, and since then it has opened up a world of possibilities and now I am on a path I never could have imagined…

I first projected old slides and photographed/filmed the slides mesmerizingly shifting in and out of focus on a crystalline screen. I then decided to project on various surfaces and textures around my room, totally transforming the physical space as well as creating a very disorienting visual experience– ah the ambiguous blur between reality and illusion *dreamy sigh* I’ve also used it to film smoke, water, and prism abstracts… I love the play that art and science bring together.

Meanwhile, I have been taking my video camera under my wing and using it to capture mesmerizing footage of nature, light, water… natural visualizations I like to call them. I love the hypnosis inherent in nature’s constant subtle motions, which are a reminder that all life moves in cycles of ebb and flow.

From there, Elijah and I started dabbling in digital projections combining my abstract videos with Elijah’s graphics and visual FX. Then Prophet Visuals came to life! Now we perform live visual shows with bands and circus performers, and are working on a full performance project to be completed by May!

So it’s pretty much inevitable that the whole world has become my canvas– now the first thought that comes to mind when I see anything I like is “o0o we should project on that!” So we’ve projected on broken mirror pieces and chandeliers and fabrics and buildings and people and many more things to comeeee! weeeheheh! We also projected graphics onto tree branches, and it looked like microscopic footage of neurons…which reminded me of one of my other fascinations– photomicography!! I love being able to see the world that exists beyond our human senses and perceptions… whether it’s scientific footage or artistic expression. All are different levels and interpretations of reality that bring us closer to understanding our inner and outer worlds =)

I can tell this year will be a great one of just exploring, exploding, and experimenting- riding the waves of the unknown and discovering my passions and talents on which to continually build my artistic expression.