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Video Portrait: Ashley Arechiga

Here is my first finished video portrait of Ashley! I captured the footage while we were working on a scene for Codes of Awakening using my Canon Rebel T1i, which is great but H.264 files are unfortunately kind of horrendous to edit with. But alas, here it is! Enjoy!


Projections and performance

So I thought for a short while that this blog was going to be pretty organized around a central focus (ha.. me with a central focus… I have yet fooled myself again)… Instead I’ll just be showing you a random collection of the many things that I do in my spare time! Projections, abstract videos, microscopic footage, hoop performances, cinematography and animations, sculptures, watercolors. Eventually they will evolve and somehow come together for a cohesive project which will be an interesting journey and destination =) I will also be posting things that I’m interested in that I think you should check out…

Such as PONYO! My new favorite movie ever. I cuddled up and giggled like a little baby while watching this. I had good friends and chocolate and my voice recorder to record awesome sounds. The only thing missing was a stuffed animal that I could chew on… which reminds me.. I need to find a stuffed panda soon…

Also, here is a video that I cut together summarizing a few things that I’ve done over the past week. The song is Circles of Motion by Solar Fields (how appropriate). Enjoy! It includes microscopic footage of neurons, projections on mirrors and their reflections, projections on other strange surfaces, and then some of my visuals mixed live (VJ’d) to a LED hoop practice with The Gyronauts!

The videos of projection installations are very excitingly dynamic… I love things that can be very morphous and versatile. They function as their own videos, which can be really interesting when layered and mixed with other videos to music. They are also good to use as projections on other surfaces to create even morrre videos, and in some ways they are just documentations of the physical experience. I really enjoy both the videos and the physical experience in their own ways so I’m just going to keep playing with it on these various levels!

❤ Aura