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Video Portrait: Ashley Arechiga

Here is my first finished video portrait of Ashley! I captured the footage while we were working on a scene for Codes of Awakening using my Canon Rebel T1i, which is great but H.264 files are unfortunately kind of horrendous to edit with. But alas, here it is! Enjoy!


Entering the World of Animation

I’ve been romantically fascinated with stop-motion over the past year, especially after meeting my great friend and amazing animator Ashley Arechiga, but I have never really gotten to experience it in the making until the other night! It was absolutely incredible, and we of course used projections to help set the scene, and it turned out quite brilliantly I think! Take a look!

We shot this test for an animation scene of Elijah’s performance thesis project, Codes of Awakening. The scene is about a future city of sound pollution, consumerist imprisonment, and technological neglect. A little girl screams for a way to escape this hell, while her dad in the other room is oblivious, sucked into the media center that drains his soul. I am also doing a video portrait series on artists and their work, and this was a great opportunity to take video of Ashley in animation action, which I will edit and post soon!