the labauratory!

About Aura Bee

Artist, yogi, hoopdancer, lover, traveler, teacher, student, friend, positive light. These are the things that I strive to be with my entire being each day. I am interested in play, any kind of creative expression, healing, music, science, spirituality, philosophy, environmentalism, community, and communication.


As a seeker of both meaning and mystery, I am intrigued by the parallels between life and art– both creative processes that serve as reflections of our personal journeys in continuously creating and discovering ourselves. Through the processes and products of creativity, the art we make has the power to simultaneously capture and reflect to us our inner selves– our external world becomes a lens through which we can deeply examine our inner world, and our art brings to life and light parts of our consciousness that would otherwise remain in the dark. In my own creative process of discovering myself and coping with life’s challenges, I have found a deeply personal and therapeutic release in my photography, painting, video, dance, and installation work. I seek to challenge the perception of mental illnesses not as problems we need to fix or suppress, but as an artful movement into empowerment that urges us to more fully express what we have repressed within ourselves. In exploring my own tendencies, I am fascinated with expressing the polarities of the human condition– light and dark, microscopic and macroscopic, nature and man, conscious and subconscious, reality and illusion, beauty and decay. Through performance, installation, sculpture, painting, photography, fabric art, video, space, and lighting I explore color and nature as therapeutic, intuitive channels for tapping into deeper states of feeling, consciousness, and communication. I am continually inspired by cycles of evolution, growth, and transformation as well as the infinite possibilities to tell stories across many mediums and perspectives. Deeply involving the senses on many different levels brings us deeper into our bodies, our source of connection and present awareness. In my projects, I often create an immersion of the senses to encourage active awareness, the movement of emotions for healing cathartic experiences, combining release and receptive clarity for body, mind, and spirit.

Aside from my own personal projects, I also document artists in their own projects and processes through photos and videos, and have collaborated on videos, performances, and animations. I am passionate about helping other artists share their gifts. I can assist with prints, portfolio books, video reels, and Etsy sites. Please let me know if you would like any assistance in selling or sharing your work or if you would like to collaborate on any projects.

Feel free e-mail me with any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

❤ Aura


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