the labauratory!

The Magician

This is the second performance in my living tarot performance series. Based on a poem I wrote about the second card of the tarot deck, The Magician. Performed at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, music by Theo Brama at Enjoy!

The Magician

Made in the image of God
We are powerful creators
Birthing dreams into reality
We are magicians
With intention, focus, practice
We can shape and mold our lives
In union with spirit
We can dance between the worlds of the known and unknown
Let go
Get out of your own way
And the let magic take place

Earth, water, fire, air, ether
Remember these ancient teachers
All thoughts are energy
We must choose them wisely
Call upon inner guidance
Inner alchemy
Your heart is your compass
Pointing you to your truth
Only you know what is right for you

Believe in yourself
Trust is the key
To unlocking your own unique divinity
Get clear on who you are and what you intend
Don’t be afraid to take action
When the time is right
Dive into your darkness in order to find your light


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