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The Empress

For years I have been passionate about studying the Tarot, which is a deck of divination from the mid-15th century. I don’t study the tarot in order to do oracle readings for others, but rather I study the archetypes as guides and symbols for my own life journey. The major arcana, the first 22 cards of the Tarot deck, especially represent a mythology of the human experience, also known as the Fool’s Journey or the Hero’s Journey. They represent the challenges, the energies, the lessons that we encounter as we follow our heart’s path to our life’s callings. I have wanted for years to do a performance series bringing the tarot to life, and I finally birthed little seeds of this project in the past couple of months at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Here I work and live in community, and amidst my practice of yoga and dance, I have had the time and audience to create and perform poetry and dance in honor of the tarot. I would love to eventually collaborate with other artists to make this a more extensive production. My first performance was based on The Empress card, the 4th card in the tarot deck.

The Empress

Flowing golden locks glistening in the sun
Her bodacious body planted in the Earth
She is at Home
She is grounded, abundant, radiant, overflowing
Children and animals flock to her Loving Presence
Ripe with Life
She bleeds creativity

Joy of the sun with a softness of clouds
Both angel and human
She glows
Pregnant with possibilities
She grows
She knows her passion and purpose
She channels her gentle strength
Contentment and peace

The sound of laughter tastes like wild strawberries
Tears like morning few
Feeling fresh and new
Birth and Rebirth

It’s been a long dark winter,
and how she ached for a moment like this
Pure Bliss
Thank Goddess


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