the labauratory!

So we meet again…

So friends, it has been some time. When I last shared, I had been experimenting with art in my life, and now I realize my life has been experimenting with me as an art…
Over the last 3 years, I have been shaped and molded by the universe beyond anything I could have imagined. Soooo much has happened amidst many cycles of death and rebirth and transformation that I don’t even know what to say… I plan on writing a book someday so maybe that will eventually suffice… But for now I will just say…
Longggg story short, most recently, I’ve been in a holistic treatment center for eating disorders in Tucson, AZ called Mirasol for orthorexia and somatoform disorder… this phase of my life was REALLY hard for me to accept and endure… One of the most painful and rewarding experiences of my life so far. For me, obsessing about my health and body had become a very unhealthy thing. It had driven me to extremes, numbing me out from emotions, robbing me of my joy, depleting my body through cycles of starvation and binging. It had become a surface way to escape and distract from underlying traumas that I ultimately had to face in treatment. Here are some projects I completed there to represent the old universe of my eating disorder, and my new universe of being free from the fears and obsessions that had controlled and consumed my life for so long…

Here is my Old Universe in 2 parts:

This one is a slideshow of the set…

and this one is the video of the performance…

Here is my New Universe performance in 2 parts:

All together these videos are about 20 minutes total so it is quite a journey… feel free to watch it in parts and “digest” it piece by piece or if you feel up to it go ahead and watch them all as an experience!




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