the labauratory!


So recently the living organism that is Life has been like one huge crazy beautiful lucid dream. I somehow manifested my dream house… with a huge backyard and private Greenbelt trail. It is going to be the Hatching Ground, where artists and healers can come for creative space and community bonding =D Cominggg soon= a dome for projections, projections both outdoor and indoor, art shows and parties, backyard performances, fire spinning, gardening, painting, yoga, hiking, a trampoline, a music room and studio… so basically I just want to sayyyy thank you universe….wonderful explosions are on the way!!

So0o now onto what I’ve been working on…..

I’ve been documenting many artists in their work, some photos, and some through videos like the one I posted of Ashley. But footage is building up… still trying to get around to editing it all, which I hope will be done by early May! Sheryl, Andreas, and Raven will be featured soon =)

Hmm, vat elseeee? Still doing macro and micro footage… increasingly interested in creating little worldssss…creating sets with projections and found objects that imitate or allude to nature scenes. I am fascinated with how macro, micro, and “normal” perspectives all reflect back to each other, and how man and nature reflect each other. Everytime I see a face in the knots of wood, I am reminded that nature is an incredible teacher and a powerful reflection of man that we can turn to for wisdom and inspiration on how to live our lives. I believe we are here to realize that we create our world, and the process of art making continually reminds us of this process on a level where we can actually physically see the results of our intentions and power to create reality. Nature seems to inspire all the art I do, and it is an endless muse that we must work to protect if we are to prosper.

Over the summer I want to keep going with this little world idea and create an entire animation set of biomes… imagine a Planet Earth stop-motion/performance.. o0o0o! I’m particularly drawn to making crystal cave or a deep sea set. It would be incredible to make a crystal cave set with real crystals…I imagine I would also make an ice fairy costume and perform with the visuals! I’ve also had visions for awhile of a strange orange tree that I really want to bring to life. I’m not quite sure why, but the orange tree has been a recurring vision for awhile in mannny different forms as a watercolor, a sculpture, an animation. Although the orange tree historically symbolizes many things, I think the orange to me is just an incredibly uplifting image of bright purity… signifying the creative process from seed to blossom… mmm =) I strive to continually transform my imagination into physical manifestations, creating the worlds I want to see around me.

In the meantime, I am going to work on combining some visuals that I have from micro/macro and make a meditative video to be viewed as an installation, especially to get feedback from viewers on how the visuals and music affect them. In addition to personal expression of my imagination, I really want my art to positively effect my viewers on some therapeutic level. I definitely think that therapeutic visuals is a realm similar to music therapy that needs to be researched and expanded on. I want to futher explore the mental and pyschological effects of color, light, abstract video, and music so I am working on writing some grants to pair up with a neuropsychologist to study the effects of motion visuals and color on our physical and mental processes. “Alternative” healing, creative expression, and various forms of art therapy should be more accessible and acceptable in all aspects of mainstream society, not just reserved for specifically healing art centers. So until then I will just be studying color therapy and the physics of light frequencies on my own, and continue to apply them to my art. In fact, as I am dealing with the emotional and physical pains my own chronic disease, I think I will also be a good guinea pig for the experiment of healing visuals!



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