the labauratory!

I Want to Be a Light Fairy!

Ok so I follow this blog called Create Digital Motion, where I find that I am not the only one obsessed with projections! Yay! It shares awesome sources on what all people are doing with projections, live visuals, and digital art, and it is definitely worth checking out. From a distant link I found a video of this performer…who is already doing exaccccttlly what I had envisioned for future performances… live interactive projections with interpretive dance. She happens to also do contact juggling or sphere dancing, which I am quite terrible at, but my partner Elijah contact juggles and we were excited to see someone fusing so many of our passions! I reeeeeally enjoy the concept, and I think it is a beautiful representation of the incredible and infinite chemistry between projections and performance art. I was instantly inspired by this woman, Phaedra, and I didn’t ever think I would get a chance to see her in real life, but I happened to walk into her performance at an interactive art party the other night! I couldn’t believe it- I was so ecstatic!! I took video of her performance to forever cherish =) Thank you magical being for sharing your light! I will share the video when I get her permission.


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